Sunday, June 21, 2009

ulta haulage.

I'm been suffering from jet lag.
Good thing it's the weekend. *sigh*

The BF and I headed to ULTA this afternoon. He really didn't wanted to stay in the store with me so he waited in the car, and i rushed to get the essential.
I was really running low on my olay complete lotion.

Olay complete lotion (combination/oily), o.p.i rapidry, and too faced shadow insurance.

I actually been wanting to try the too faced shadow insurance, since I really don't have a primer for my shadows. by 12 pm I notice my shadow has disappeared or run down. I would re-touch them or just get rid of it and apply my eyeliner. The routine works well, but i hope i wouldn't do much of that with the primer now. ^_^ It's one expensive shit, tho! 17 bucks! >_<

I also took a long bath (I have not taken and bath since my trip to guam. Poor water pressure at my house.). I think it would help me fall asleep faster. bwaahaha. While I wait for my hair to dry, I did my nails.

O.P.I Room Service, The face shop top coat

How ironic! Room service is what I need in my room right now. lol. I tried the rapid dry, and it really works. I usually won't do my nails before i go to bed. My hair would leave marks all over the polish. I sprayed it on and within 5 mins they feel dry. Well we'll see tomorrow morning if there are marks.

Off to bed I goooooo~~~~~

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  1. Hey ermie!
    the hairspray i used was suave...hehe i just had to spray alot for my curls to last the whole day...hehehe :)